It’s my mission to help visionary businesses and female entrepreneurs so that they feel proud, inspired, and confident.

I focus on creating meaningful brands that align with your core values so you can show up with intention and purpose as in your business.

Being a small business owner myself, I love working with those who are ready to bring their dreams to life through effective, strategy-based design that helps you pursue your passions even after we finish working together.

Efoo Creative is a creative design studio found in 2016 and based out of Malaysia. I specialize in brand strategy and identity, along with website design for ambitious female service providers who are ready to stop DIYing and elevate your business.

You’ll be able to separate yourself from your competitors, resonate with your true self, and attract your ideal audiences to make your business goals a reality.


Hey y’all, I am Emily!

Fast forward a few years and Efoo blossomed into a business! I enjoy the pure happiness of how to help you become more authentic, confident, and inspiring with your own business identity in a strategic way. My design studio is here to help you along your soulful brand journey as a female entrepreneur.

Thank you for stopping by! I started my business when I saw the opportunity to leave my unfulfilling and soul-sucking corporate job to pursue my own passion helping small business owners around the world turn your words and dreams into visuals you love.

I graduated from Genting INTI with a diploma in Hotel Management and was given the chance to handle design work for our final project – a banquet. At that moment, I realized what I truly love to do, and that is to create designs rooted in strategy. I chose to follow my inner voice and it led me all the way to getting my diploma in Multimedia Design from The One Academy in 2013.

Now I bet you’re wondering - just how did the name Efoo Creative come to be?

I wanted it to have deep meaning and a personal connection, so let’s break things down letter-by-letter!

“F” represents the word for. With each project I take on, I consider who and what the brand is for.

“OO” signifies the connection between you as the business owner and the brand we build together. Together we bridge the two and build a functional connection.

“E” stands for my name, Emily, because business and branding should be both personal and goal-oriented.

Fast Facts

What means the most

I believe that honesty, intuition, communication, and growth are necessary for a business to flourish and raise you up as a business owner at the same time.

Learn my personality

I’m an INFJ and as the Advocate, I’m caring, gentle, and creative. My closest family describes me as gentle, relaxed, and detail-oriented, which I can’t argue with!

You’ll find me snacking on

Korean cuisine, chocolates, fresh strawberries, and bread on cheat days.

In my free time

I’m guilty of long social media scrolls, curling up with a romance e-novel, and practicing various types of yoga.

Of all my travels

Gold Coast, Queensland is my favorite place ever. The laid-back beach vibe resonates with who I am!