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  • Wellness and yoga aesthetic studio that create a peaceful space for hustlers to practice yoga, pilates, treatment and meditation.

    Brand attributes are inclusive, restful, comfortable and instinctive.

    Awaken Space values honesty, on a mission to help people improve the mind-body relationship and embrace the flaws and imperfections.

    Logo Meaning

    The curve line symbolizes the moon helps still and stabilize the mind. Sun icon symbolizes sun assist physical aspects of ourselves cultivating heat, energy and momentum.


    Also, the 12 dots in the sun symbolize 12 months. Awake Space encourages us all to treat yoga as a daily routine instead of a hobby.

    wellness yoga social media template design
    wellness yoga logo suite

    This design concept carries a message that yoga is finding balance in flexibility and strength. There is no need to compete with others as everyone has their own pace and all bodies are different. Hence, the wording "Awaken Space" is off aligned with the curve line.

    The font used in this concept has both thin and thick stroke indicating the feminine & masculine and moon & sun energy staying in harmony with us.⠀

    yoga studio ads in newspaper mock
    awaken space yoga studio logo

    Heart-led design based on strategy for mission-driven brands.

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