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  • fi/ni designs provide modern, timeless and authentic quilts that are thoughtfully designed for every home and add warmth, character and meaning to the family.

    fi/ni designs love to handcraft each quilt carrying the customer's story to pass through generations.

    I enjoyed working with the brand owner Shafini, the homegrown artisan & mother who has a big heart for homes, families and the Malaysian local community.

    She thinks that we live in a world of disposable and fast fashion. She wants to educate her kids that one product does not serve one intended use but could be seamlessly used in many homes and outside the home situation.

    I admire her for not limiting herself to quilts only but bringing more sustainable home products, most importantly, joining the forces of disrupting disposability.

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    Logo Meaning

    Shafini’s quilt loves to use a lot of geometric shapes. They represent each customer’s stories, passion and love from fi/ni designs. So we explored different ways to incorporate geometric shapes, solid lines and stitches to symbolise where one product is not only beautiful but carries its meaning and story to every home.

    We thoughtfully customised the stitch-like fi/ni, so it seamlessly blends into the logo mark. And we purposefully use a more friendly font without steering away from the focus of its unique logo mark while still making it symmetrical and connected to her handcrafted products.

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    From the inspiration of comfy linen fabric, the colours are clean, peaceful and calm. They are inviting while still having a sense of stand-alone character and quality that perfectly represents a conscious mother who loves social consciousness, authenticity and sustainability.

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    “I had learned a lot about the whole branding and strategy since I started with zero knowledge, but lots of ideas. Emily definitely took it all in, filtered out the unnecessary and delivered a concept that was true to my brand. She is not only easy to work with, but has an excellent work ethic! Definitely no compromise on quality, I had an excellent experience! I most appreciate that she took the time to explain her process and her thought/thinking into a design.”

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