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The story

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  • Yvonne started Koketa Beauty after witnessing firsthand the serious lack of diversity in the world of beauty brands. Most are shallow, colorless, and based on unachievable beauty standards. Banking on women’s insecurities and often run by corporations lacking diverse representation and woman leadership.

    She dreamed of an inclusive community who stood for something so much more than meets the eye. Once again, Yvonne took matters into her own hands and launched Koketa Beauty.

    Koketa is a beauty brand that encourages self-confidence with the powerful mission of empowering women to fall in love with themselves and feel confident in doing so.

    Love your reflection.

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    Logo Meaning

    Through a few explorations, we are happy to discover the meaning of KOK, where this is a unique symbol that generates curiosity, grabs people's attention to find out more. Two ‘K’ facing each other symbolise the reflection. Koketa Beauty is empowering women to fall in love with themselves and uncover their inner beauty.


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    logo typograhy

    The logo typography is carefully curated with its different font body weight to reflect the vision rooted in empowering all women: Latina, Black, Asian, Native American, Indigenous and of every color, young or old, big or small, able-bodied or not, Koketa Beauty aim to create a safe space for the underrepresented women who for too long have been pushed to the sideline.


    Yvonne loved the unicorn colour and tiffany blue, yet it was misaligned with her vision, values and personality. The colours also display poor legibility with the logo and other brand identities.

    We made some refinements to the colours. A toned-down gold for a more warm, cheerful, also indicates wisdom and compassion. We were darker the tiffany blue to mature women, while the lighter shades of beige and green add more refreshing spa vibes that are therapeutic.

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    woc beauty shopify web design

    "Emily is a UH-MAZING businesswoman and designer. She brought it all together with her sophisticated eye and wonderful work. Thanks to Emily from the bottom of my heart. GREATLY RECOMMENDED!!!"

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