6 Signs It’s Time to Rebrand

Brand identity is the most valuable asset to your business. It is such a powerful tool to communicate your brand value, reach your customer and share the brand story. Rebranding is entirely common in many companies; in fact, every brand needs a revamp from time to time. 

A carefully-crafted brand will reflect you and your business whole-heartedly; the result of changes can be dramatic. However, we cannot be rebrand for the sake of change, and we need to assure this is the right choice for your business today. 

Here’s are the signs to help you understand if you should stick with what you have or take a rebrand:

A new business direction or evolving

We all know the market is fast-evolving, you don’t like to get left behind, isn’t it? Or sometimes, your business has to swift into a different direction to adapt the customer needs, your business model and strategies will be different from when you first started. Then naturally your brand identity is no longer relevant as it was.

You are no different from other brands

The reason we create a brand identity is not only for recognised but also being unique. If your brand looks the same with your competitors, it is much harder to catch the ideal client interest and blend in with everyone is no benefits to your business. What’s even worse, your competitor already stands out from others, and you still like the ordinary one, forgotten 🙁

You probably just started your business, only looking for an affordable branding solution – the premade logo, and that’s no wrong. There are so many great premade logos out there, me myself also providing some pretty premade logos for those who weren’t in the budget until later.

Struggling to attract and retain the ideal client

Do you have your ideal client profile? Be aware that if you target on attracting everyone, your neighbours, the youngster, the rich one, the poor one, you are ultimately attracting no one. You have to know who they are and pay attention to convey your brand value, else you’re getting the wrong kind of clients, or they just go away. Giving brand identity a shift can help communicate your unique value, provide the trustworthiness and put your business in the right direction.

New client profile

You have a loyal customer base and that’s so amazing (so happy for you!). Now you are finally introducing a new service or product line, trying to reach the high-end client or the younger customer base, take note that your brand identity plays a part in it. Your current brand identity, the logo or other brand elements can’t communicate effectively anymore. Your brand should set up the right expectation for your new client profile but still maintain your loyal customers.

Didn’t feel like yours and embarrassed to bring it out

Your brand is the face of your business, it should always look good but isn’t embarrassed about handing out the business card or letting potential clients visit your website. Perhaps you yourself have acquired and reached a point that growth is limiting, reorganizing your business is needed to continue success. The brand identity needs to be updated to increase the relevance and bring out your best confidence.

You are in the aesthetics-focused industry

If you’re, for example, falling in these related industries of beauty, wedding, decoration, fashion, you probably need to give your brand a regular refresh as you treat aesthetics as a value. People see beauty differently and that will change from time to times. You will want your brand to reflect the artistic flair, gain the client trust and continue to build your success.

OK that’s it. If you find any sign that resonates with you, you better take the time to consider what needs change. It can be a partial or full rebrand. 

Having a rebrand might just be the inspiration you needed for the business to continue growing and reach more clients. You will want to carry the brand strengths over its new iteration, leaving the weakness behind. Does that sound amazing and something you want to do now?


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