Stop Comparing with Others

What if I tell you don’t stop comparing? Read probably ya, not asking you to compare with others, your friends, competitors, other business owners, anyone else but YOU. You compare with who you were yesterday.

Some short stories here

When I started my design business, I couldn’t control myself to compare with others and this thought rooted in my mind “Do my works even get noticed, heard and liked because many people already do the same things of what I am doing?”

Not only in business, but it also happens in many facets of life.

During the aerial yoga class, I would think like “OMG she did it so effortlessly, the body is flexible, not like me, awkward poses” Instantly, I feel less motivated, I just want to get home quickly and get rest.

When I’m visiting my friend, “Her home decor is so beautiful, what a lovely place to stay, my bedroom sucks” Then started buying stuff that I don’t need and only gain more unnecessary expense.

When I scroll on Facebook, “His life is so perfect, a good job title, sweet wife, cute baby and a beautiful house” I scroll more and more posts, my depression keeps on increasing. So much of jealousy and destroy my own well-being unconsciously.

Comparing with others makes us unmotivated and lost any enthusiasm that we originally had

I was wondering, “Why did I open my business?” I know my passion is design, help others solve problems with design and create value. Until one day, my fiancé asked why he can’t sense my happiness, my positive energy during the conversation related to design. 

I was like “What? No way, I love design, it’s my passion. probably be I’m bla bla…” Whatever excuse that I gave, you see, I built an imaginary world to defend myself and not to hear any advice from other people. 

Day by day, our mind gets really exhausted. Like me, I could laugh when watching a comedy video but every day to me is rigid and boring, it’s meaningless.

How do I stay away this toxic thoughts

You possibly know you need to stop comparing with others but just can’t stop. Have you ever wondered why?

Thankfully, I discover this sentence online that says “Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”. OMG It shines on my day! Look at this, everything fell into place. We only focus on other people’s success, how they reach their goals and ignore all the efforts that we make on reaching our own goals.

Wherever you are in life with whatever you’re doing, you’re going to be ahead of someone AND behind others.

When you think that person is doing so good, at the same time, there is someone else who thinks you are doing excellent at something. 

What you’re experiencing right now is what others had been on the exact same stage. We only saw those successful people’s results and didn’t look at their behind the scenes. We ignore the whole story.

You only have to compare with who you were yesterday

Like what I said earlier on, the only thing that you can compare is YOU, who you were yesterday. It’s pretty natural we will compare, since we can’t stop it, let’s shift the focus. Compare with our own self.

How to do it?

Follow me. Take a deep breath… Inhale… Exhale… Be present where you are right now. 

1. First, you need to be aware that you are comparing yourself with others.

Tell yourself, “Stop that!” 

Most often we don’t realize we’re doing it. So start to bring the consciousness by figuring this out.

2. Embrace your progress

Next, grab a pen and paper. Write down what you did yesterday, last week, or last month. Record all your wins, no matter small or big. Every win counts. Embrace your progress! Take time to embrace and celebrate that. Allow the good energy flow to you. 

Never spend your time comparing yourself with others, by doing so, you are only focusing the energy on bringing yourself down.

Instead, concentrate on building your own journey.

3. Let’s accept and love your unique self

You probably want to roll your eyes when I’m saying this: you are unique on your own. Hear it a lot right? Honestly, it is true. You have your own experience and story. 

Stay with me a little while. I’m giving an example here.

Even twins born and raised from the same family, there’s still differences. How you have grown up, your background, your hobby, your mindset, your actions and so forth make up who you are, right now. All these tiny, single experiences shape your beliefs, values and personalities and that’s what MAKES you unique. 

I firmly believe no one out there will have the exact same story as you. Yes, there will be a similar one, but not the exact same details, not everything. This is your one-of-a-kind story.

Life is not a competition, it’s a journey

Be focused on your journey. Find your passion, big or small, no wrong and right here. Focus to find, to create, to learn, to reach. You only need to be a better version of yourself compared with yesterday, or 3 days, or last month. Don’t overstress here, stay away from race against time. As long as we build our dream on the right track, we are on it, the time is spent worthy, won’t go wasted. 

Have you become a better you? Yes, you are. Because you read until here 🙂

Do me a favor, pat on your back. You got this!


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